How to Manage Stress and Avoid Burnout Treningskurs

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Willingness to share feelings in a group situation. Can be booked as a one to one coaching session if preferred.


  • Those who work in high change, fast moving environments where there are often competing priorities, vague goals and moving targets.
  • People will often be experiencing some of the following: headaches, stomach aches, worry, fear, imposter syndrome, lethargy, overwhelm and unsettled relationships.


Denne instruktørledede, live trening (på stedet eller fjerntliggende) er rettet mot stressede individer som ønsker å ta kontroll over stress og føle seg roligere, tydeligere og mer ressurssterke.

Ved slutten av denne opplæringen vil deltakerne kunne:

  • For å kunne formulere hva de to typene stress er, dine personlige indikatorer og relievere av stress.
  • Å lage en plan med spesifikke rutiner for å øke roen, klarheten og energien, mens du minimerer stressoppbygging i løpet av dagen
  • Å lære utprøvde teknikker for å skifte negative følelser og øke positive
  • For å takle nedrivende tro rundt arbeid, liv, forhold som ofte driver stress

Kursets format

  • Interaktiv forelesning og diskusjon.
  • Masse øvelser og trening.

Alternativer for tilpasning av kurset

  • For å be om en tilpasset opplæring for dette kurset, eller for å bestille som en til en coaching, vennligst kontakt oss for å avtale.

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  • Stress & Its Causes
    • There are two types of stress – distress (bad stress causing negative feelings and dis-ease) and eustress (good stress causing positive feelings and motivation towards a goal.) Discussion of the stresses the delegates face. Discussion of burn-out and how it is different to stress (more permanent and pervasive.)
  • Impacts of Stress
    • Discussion of the chemicals involved and where the natural peaks are in the day. We look at how the different chemicals trigger fight or flight responses, create short term thinking (not good for problem solving that the stressful situations require) and how they keep the parasympathetic system turned off (this system is crucial for good health: you need it to digest food and store memories for example.)
  • Reducing Stress, Routines & Plans
    • We look at the well documented benefits of mindfulness (becoming aware of how you are feeling, what you are thinking, where your attention is) physical exercise, morning routines, meditation, belief remapping and energy techniques such as tapping or visualising the feeling and moving it.
    • We then make a plan of a doable morning routine that can be built upon and an ‘emergency’ go to technique for when overwhelm / panic / stress strikes.
  • Reflection & Action Planning
    • Reflecting on what you wanted to get from today (which we looked at in the beginning of the course) you advise yourself on the one to three things you will do differently on getting back to work and how you will get back on track if you forget!



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