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In an increasingly globalised world, we work in more multicultural environments where conflicts between individuals and groups are possible. The fundamental belief behind conflict resolution is that conflicts are unavoidable but that they are manageable.

Assertiveness, self-confidence, negotiation ability, interpersonal and other skills are pivotal in supporting conflict resolution. In our everyday life, we encounter many occasions where we consciously or unconsciously (with family members, friends, clients, business partners) manage conflicts. Mastering conflict resolution helps to resolve conflicts effectively, as well as helping us to communicate better, persuade efficiently, improve business results as well as enhancing organisational and personal behavior and performance.

This course offers a mix of theories and concepts, combined with group exercises and individual activities to enable delegates to share ideas and develop their skills.


  • To understand the fundamentals and nuances of conflicts in organizations
  • To explore key concepts, factors, theories, types, and models in conflict resolution
  • To discover the personality types, leadership styles supporting negotiation skills
  • To learn the art of assertiveness and self-confidence
  • To experiment, experience and practice conflict resolutions 


Anatomy of conflicts

  • definitions
  • outcome of conflicts
  • negotiation theories and concepts
    • argumentation theory,
    • decision analysis,
    • behavioral analysis,
    • face negotiation theory,
    • game theory,
    • consensus building,
    • strategic barging,
    • discernment

Personality types

  • persuasion
  • positive
  • patience
  • inter-personal relationship
  • assertiveness
  • self-confidence
  • communicative
  • emotional intelligence
  • body language

Leadership styles

  • strategic
  • transformative
  • visionary
  • democratic
  • affirmative

Conflict resolution process

  • opening the negotiation
  • handling opposition/questions
  • exchanging information
  • effective communication
  • maintain good relationship
  • bargain and trade wants
  • close in a timely and settling manner
  • create win-win situations

Key conflict resolution skills

  • effective speaking
  • listening
  • attitude
  • respect
  • care
  • assertiveness
  • self-confidence
  • patience
  • persistent
  • creativity
  • critical thinking
  • problem solving
  • empathy
  • fairness
  • openness
  • commitment



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