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CxO, Operasjonsledere, Enterprise Architect , Business and System Analysts and Designers


Dette introduksjonsseminaret gir deg en oversikt over de digitale forretningsmodellene, rammeverkene for forretnings- og bedriftsarkitektur samt metodologier som organisasjoner prøver å fokusere på for å øke sin forretningsdyktighet overfor forstyrrelser i den digitale tidsalderen.

Spesielt tar dette seminaret sikte på å hjelpe deg med å forstå rammer og referansearkitekturer som brukes over hele verden for å samkjøre digitale forretningsmodeller og IT-systemarkitekturer med det endrede konkurrerende landskapet.

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Business and IT System Agility in the Digital Age (1 day course)


  • The digital disruption, digital value creation and value delivery,
  • Digital Business Models facing a competitive digital landscape,
  • Becoming a Digital Data Ready Enterprise,
  • The "Goal and Data Driven" structures of the Business Motivation Model,
  • System Engineering and Enterprise Architecture Frameworks,
  • IT Reference Architectures,
  • How to ensure Convergence and Alignment between these Frameworks and Architectures,
  • Strengthening the Decision Making on a " Data" basis,
  • Refinement from the Enterprise Vision toward Business Processes,
  • Steps to align IT to the evolutions of the business needs.


Gaining Agility : From the Business to the IT System capitalizing on Capabilities

  • Preparing the Enterprise and IT System Architectures to support changes : The Goal and Data Driven Structures from the Business to the IT Systems,
  • The Backbone of the Business Architecture structured by capabilities and value delivery functions,
  • How to structure evolutions on the capabilities based on changing strategies,
  • How to propagate changes from business requirements toward IT components (examples are given on the presentation case study).


Impact of the changes upon the Business Objects (Assets)

  • Aligning business processes, responsibilities of their participants and business objects in coherence with strategic changes,
  • Integration of these modifications into components of the business process cartography.


Impacts on the IT System Components

  •  The Goal and Data-Driven Structures of the System backbone to support changes,
  •  How to identify Services and underlying System functions that have to be impacted by the changes,
  •  Integration of the evolutions into the Service backbone (examples provided on the same case study).




  • Steps of the Efficient Agile Business and System Architecture Development Methodology,
  • Traceability from business strategies toward IT System structures in order to better govern them in face of change.


Notice : The above training-mentoring sessions are conducted interactively on a case study to illustrate how to ensure good level of traceability between business and IT system architectures.

Concepts are explained first using case study examples and in case of on-site sessions may be followed by solution drafts to your   own business case during these sessions.

Minor changes may be brought to their contents depending on the evolutions of these standards and commercial strategies.


The Open Business Architecture, TOGAF and Zachman are respectively trademarks of the Open Group and Zachman International

DODAF, MODAF and NAF are respectively Architecture Frameworks of the US Department of Defense, UK Ministery of Defense and NATO

IT4IT is a trademark for IT Reference Architectures from the Open Group,

The Business and Value Model Canvases are trademarks by Osterwalder and Pigneur

BMM, BPMN, UML, SysML referenced on this website are trademarks of the Object Management Group (OMG).



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