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  • An understanding of Python programming (Python 2.7/3.3+)
  • An understanding of Python libraries in general


In Python Machine Learning, the Text Summarization feature is able to read the input text and produce a text summary. This capability is available from the command-line or as a Python API/Library. One exciting application is the rapid creation of executive summaries; this is particularly useful for organizations that need to review large bodies of text data before generating reports and presentations.

In this instructor-led, live training, participants will learn to use Python to create a simple application that auto-generates a summary of input text.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Use a command-line tool that summarizes text.
  • Design and create Text Summarization code using Python libraries.
  • Evaluate three Python summarization libraries: sumy 0.7.0, pysummarization 1.0.4, readless 1.0.17


  • Developers
  • Data Scientists

Format of the course

  • Part lecture, part discussion, exercises and heavy hands-on practice


Introduction to Text Summarization with Python

  • Comparing sample text with auto-generated summaries
  • Installing sumy (a Python Command-Line Executable for Text Summarization)
  • Using sumy as a Command-Line Text Summarization Utility (Hands-On Exercise)

Evaluating three Python summarization libraries: sumy 0.7.0, pysummarization 1.0.4, readless 1.0.17 based on documented features

Choosing a library: sumy, pysummarization or readless

Creating a Python application using sumy library on Python 2.7/3.3+

  • Installing the sumy library for Text Summarization
  • Using the Edmundson (Extraction) method in sumy Python Library for Text


  • Creating simple Python test code that uses sumy library to generate a text summary

Creating a Python application using pysummarization library on Python 2.7/3.3+

  • Installing pysummarization library for Text Summarization
  • Using the pysummarization library for Text Summarization
  • Creating simple Python test code that uses pysummarization library to generate a text summary

Creating a Python application using readless library on Python 2.7/3.3+

  • Installing readless library for Text Summarization
  • Using the readless library for Text Summarization

Creating simple Python test code that uses readless library to generate a text summary

Troubleshooting and debugging

Closing Remarks


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