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35 timer (vanligvis 5 dag inkludert pauser)


Recommended to have some understanding HTML and JavaScript.


Dette kurset er ikke bare ment å introdusere, men for å gi sterke grunnlag og presentere beste praksis for HTML & CSS , Java Script, jQuery og Bootstrap . Grunnleggende konsepter introduseres sammen med beste praksis gjennom laboratorier og øvelser. For en god nok dekning av alle emnene adresseres HTML sammen med de andre emnene ( CSS og Java Script).

Kurset er nesten helt på hånden. De fleste konseptene blir oppdaget gjennom kodelesning / utføring og koding.

Machine Translated



  • Fundamentals
  • Selectors, Cascade & Heritage
  • The Box Model
  • Positioning & Centering
  • Float, clear, Flexible Layouts & Liquid layouts
  • Text Formatting & Fonts
  • Backgrounds, images&Colours
  • Lists & Tables
  • HTML 5 & CSS3
  • CSS for Mobile

JavaScript Basics

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • JavaScript Code
    • Lexical Structure
    • Types Values Variables
    • Expressions and operators
    • Statements
    • Objects
    • Arrays
    • Functions
    • Classes & Modules
    • Regular Expressions
  • Client side JavaScript
    • JavaScript in Web Browsers
    • The Window Object
    • Scripting Documents
    • Scripting CSS
    • Handling Events
    • Scripted HTTP
  • Client side Storage
  • HTML5 APIs


  • jQuery Basics
  • jQuery Getters and Setters
  • Altering document structure
  • Events with jQuery
  • Animated Effects
  • Ajax with jQuery


  • Introduction to Bootstrap (Responsive design)
  • Bootstrap File Structure
  • The structure of the page (Grid system ...)
  • Typography, Forms, Symbols, Responsive images , thumbnails, colours and backgrounds ...
  • Components (Menus, Navigation Bars, Buttons, Modals ... )
  • Active Components
  • Bootstrap and LESS and node.js
  • JavaScript add-ons



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