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Målet med dette praktiske kurset er å tilby alle verktøyene som tar for seg de praktiske aspektene ved Docker og Kubernetes , slik at deltakerne kan stole på de nødvendige ferdighetene for riktig styring av programmet.

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What is Docker

Use cases

  • Major components of Docker
  • Docker architecture fundamentals

Docker architecture

  • Docker images
  • Docker registry
  • Docker containers

The underlying technology

  • Namespaces
  • Control groups
  • Union FS
  • Container format

Installation of Docker

  • Installation on Ubuntu via apt-get
  • Installation of newer version of Docker

Dockerizing applications

  •  The hello world example
  •  Interactive container
  •  Daemonizing programs

Container usage

  •  Running a webapp in a container
  •  Investigating a container
  •  Port mapping
  •  Viewing the logs
  •  Looking at processes
  •  Stopping and restarting
  •  Removing a container

Managing images

  •  Listing images
  •  Downloading images
  •  Finding images

Networking of containers

  •  Port mapping details
  •  Container linking and naming
  •  Linking and environment variables

Data in containers

  •  Data volumes
  •  Host directories as data volume
  •  Host file as data volume
  •  Data volume containers
  •  Backup, restore of data volumes

Contributing to the ecosystem

  •  What is Docker Hub?
  •  Registering on Docker Hub
  •  Command line login
  •  Uploading to Docker Hub
  •  Private repositories
  •  Automated builds

Kubernetes introduction

  •  Pods
  •  Labels and Selectors
  •  Controllers
  •  Services
  •  Architecture and the Kubernetes Node



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