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7 timer (vanligvis 1 dag inkuldert pauser)


  • Experience with test automation.
  • Java programming experience.


  • Automation testers


"40% to 70% of the time spent by many test automation teams is spent on maintaining their test suites ...either refactoring tests because the application changed but also just sifting through the results of the tests when they break..." -- John Furguson Smart, creator of Serenity.

Serenity is an open-source reporting library that enables testers to write well-structured, maintainable acceptance criteria. Serenity produces rich and meaningful test reports ("living documentation") that not only report on the test results, but also document what they did, in a step-by-step narrative format that includes test data and screenshots.

In this instrucor-led, live training participants will learn how to write high quality tests by employing "screenplays" and the idea of "actors, tasks, and goals" to express tests in business terms rather than as interactions between system components. We look at both functional and UI testing scenarios and demonstrate how Serenity can be used to manage their testing. All lecture, notes, quizes and discussions are accompanied by live hands-on practice and implementation.

By the end of this training, participants will understand the Serenity framework and be able to utilize it with comfort. As important, participants will learn to think of and approach test automation from a different light.

Format of the Course

  • This course walks participants through real-life cases for Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and demonstrates hands-on how to implement Serenity in various test scenarios.



  • Automated Testing
  • ATDD (Acceptance Testing Driven Development)
  • BDD (Behavior Driven Development)

Why Serenity?

  • Test reports as "living documentation"
  • Actors, tasks, and goals
  • Screenplay pattern vs page objects

Serenity Architecture

  • Pages, Steps, Requirements, Tests, Reports

Setting up and Configuring Your Test Environment

  • JUnit, Serenity BDD, and a little Selenium WebDriver

Defining Requirements and Acceptance Criteria

Automating Your Acceptance Criteria

Setting up Your Screenplays

  • Screenplay questions
  • Serenity abilities

Testing a Web Application with Screenplay

Writing Your First Serenity Test

Screenplay Web Interactions

Screenplay Web Questions

Handling Timeouts and Waits

Running Your Serenity Test

Generating Serenity Test Reports

A Look at the Serenity Project Structure

Integrating Serenity with Cucumber and JBehave

Summary and Conclusion



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