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You need to be working in the healthcare industry and to have a desire to learn practical skills to make your life easier. The content is MBA level however no prior knowledge is needed in order to understand the concepts and to learn new skills.


Dette kurset er laget for Practice Managers, Practice Owners, General Practitioners, NHS administratorer, CCG staff som trenger å utvikle strategiske planleggingsferdigheter. Det er ikke designet for akademiske formål, men tilbyr praktiske råd for å sette deg mål, realisere planene dine, kommunisere dem til kolleger og minimere konflikt i organisasjonen.

Dette kurset fokuserer på strategisk planlegging for primæromsorg der fleksibilitet og kontinuerlig læring er de viktigste faktorene. Hovedvekten er strategi som bruker aktuelle virkelige eksempler fra en rekke nærstående næringer for å lære hvordan de strategiske modellene fungerer, så skal vi bruke dem til primæromsorg.

Hvert kursmedlem vil ha muligheten til å lage en strategisk plan og lære å implementere den i praksis. I disse usikre tider i helsevesenet har du ikke råd til å ikke ta dette kurset

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Strategic Planning Overview

  • Strategic planning - why, when and what for?
  • When is strategic planning not desirable? Sometimes strategic planning can make a bad situation much worse if not handled delicately

Strategic Analysis

Strategic Planning Levels

  • Corporate Strategy in general
  • SBU/Business and Division Strategy
  • Operational Strategy

Creating the Strategic Plan

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values and behaviours
  • Goals, tasks and responsibilities


  • Creating tasks using the SMART framework
  • Benchmarking and the importance of finding win-win partnerships to benefit your practice

Tools to create your strategic plan

  • The SWOT analysis – the most widely misused business administration tool ever created. How to use it the right way
  • PESTLE analysis – understanding your healthcare environment to identify and offset risk
  • Michael Porter’s Five Forces – big picture planning
  • Decision matrices – how to get everyone onboard and behind the plan without conflict
  • Lean Canvas modified as the ultimate Primary Care planning tool

Strategy Implementation

  • Information systems
  • Assigning tasks
  • Employee motivation

Strategic planning as an Ongoing Process

  • Who should be responsible for strategic improvements?
  • Using Business Motivation Model software to keep your strategy up to date
  • How to relate your processes to your business plan

About the trainer

  • The business coach for this course works for the European Union as an expert consultant on the Horizon 2020 programme and is responsible for evaluating Primary Care funding proposals in regards to care of the elderly.
  • For five years, he worked for the largest independent medical media company in Europe in the role of Vice President Marketing and was a member of the management board. As a result, he has a good understanding of primary care best practice throughout Europe.
  • For the past 12 years he has worked with the National Health Service in Primary Care as an advisor in the field of HR, strategy, patient retention, back office streamlining and the ethical attraction of new patients.
  • He teaches the executive MBA programme at one of the best economic universities in Europe



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